Updated: 2004-10-11

Andreas Elma-levels!

The main reason for this page is that I just love seeing myself on the Internet!!

Just kidding, I am a beginner in the world of Elma and I play a little everyday. I haven't finished all the internal levels yet so I am not a pro..

My levels are made just for fun and they are very easy. No fancy lgr's or grass polygons. Some of them I made when I had the shareware-version of Elastomania. Others are made in the registered version. They are for beginners so all you professionals out there won't find any interest in my levels. (Or at least that's what I think...)

Perhaps pro-bikers can have fun with this very long level I made when I first discovered the Editor.. Andreas8

For the record: I haven't finished it myself yet..

Levelpack1    (From both registered- and sharewareversion, 63 levels)

Here are something for those of you that wants to quit playing Elma but can't.. Press here

I will upload more levels as soon as I finish them. I will also have some links to pages that I like.

See you soon!